What is Intuitive Medicine?

    I define Intuitive Medicine as the use of intuition and psychic abilities for health purposes. A medical intuitive is not only intuitive (or psychic) he also needs to be very knowledgeable of health issues and medical sciences. There is a basic difference in the way a medical intuitive and a physician understands the human body. While a physician relies completely on logic and physical tests to make a diagnosis and treat the patient, a medical intuitive relies on his “feelings” of the patient’s energy, as well as on his understanding the mind-body connection.

How To Learn Intuitive Medicine?

    I am offering my whole knowledge of Intuitive Medicine in a series of five courses. Each course is a set of an online manual, some video clips, and a specific number of online healing (or guidance) sessions that you get from me via Skype. The first three courses are mainly targeting your health and happiness. The last two courses are about learning to heal others.

    The course are to be taken in order. Each course prepares you for the next one. You don’t need all five course to get the results you want. For example, to clear up your relationship issues, you simply need the first course. For health conditions you would need the first two courses. For serious mood disorders such as depression, anxieties, suicidal thoughts, etc, you would need the first three courses. The last two courses 4 & 5 are people who want to work as psychics or healers.

What To Expect?

    While taking my Intuitive Medicine course, you would notice that your health problems would subside or disappear completely, your relationship problems would get automatically resolved, you suddenly feel happier for no obvious reason, you start having clearer mind and more focused way of thinking, you become more optimistic, you don’t feel a victim, and you don’t feel depressed any longer. Your life becomes gradually clear of anger, sadness, frustration, or fears.

What Does It Take?

    Using Intuitive Medicine, you can simply achieve the highest degree of happiness you can ever wish for, but always remember – I am not selling you all that for money alone, you really have to put all your efforts until you get there. It takes time, patience, and hard work, but at least you would gradually see clear positive results as you go down the track.

Types of Healing Modalities

    I classify all forms of healing into five broad categories. In Intuitive Medicine, you will learn to understand all types of healing:

  • 1- Physical Healing – such as surgery, herbal medicine, lifestyle changes, and diet improvement.
  • 2- Energetic Healing – such as Reiki, Vibrational Therapy, and Tai Chi.
  • 3- Emotional Healing – such as EFT, Primal Therapy, Psychodrama, and Breathwork.
  • 4- Mind Healing – such as psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, affirmations, and positive thinking.
  • 5- Awareness – (usually after a traumatic wake-up call experience that changes the whole attitude of the person) no known healing modality that I know about is based on this, but life usually heals us and changes our soul and attitude by giving us this sudden awareness.
  • In this video, I explain the five categories of healing: